Adoption Application – In Progress

“We’re expecting. So far no morning sickness… but the paper cuts are terrible!”

I keep learning more and more how true that saying is about adoption!

We are currently putting the finishing touches on our application for the infant adoption program at a nonprofit organization in our state that we’ve selected as our best fit to help grow our family.

It has been quite a process just to put the application together. I’ve been working on it for weeks! We compiled information about our home, jobs, health, finances, etc. and lots of documentation including birth certificates, marriage license, etc. My husband is completing his portions now and then we’re about ready to send it in. I’m hoping to submit our application this week!!

It’s nerve wracking and exciting! Exciting because it gets us that much closer to our child. Nerve wracking because, well, there’s always a chance they might not choose to work with us. I think we’re going to be amazing parents, but I guess there’s always that chance of an application being denied. I just can’t imagine that happening. Mainly, I think it worries me because I want for us to be making the right choice in choosing this agency.

It’s a real commitment to choose an agency. Even the $500 non-refundable application fee is a commitment, and it just balloons from there in terms of financial and emotional commitment. We did some homework and interviewed three different agencies to make our selection. Both hubby and I have that gut feeling that this one is the right one. We’re just risking so much in terms of our finances and our hearts in the hands of this organization and unfamiliar process.

Overall, I’m just really excited about moving forward. It’s been such a long, painful time getting to this point. We’re so ready to have a family and just can’t wait! Next comes the home study and a required meeting and class before we’re ready to be matched. We’re hoping to be up and available for matching this summer!!

I’d love to hear from others who have been through this process, or from anyone with words of advice or support. Thank you!


Text Copyright Snowdroplets 2018

Image By Thomas Crane (1843–1903) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


4 responses to “Adoption Application – In Progress

  1. Congratulations on being paper pregnant! I’m in Canada so I’m assuming there are some different nuances to the process but we were placed with our little boy in August. We were blessed to be in the delivery room when he was born and continue to enjoy and wonderful relationship with his birth mother. Wishing you loads of luck on your journey to growing your family!


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