“Is there any chance you could be pregnant?” Um, no.

I’m sure this will get better with time.

But it still hurts so much.

At a recent eye doctor appointment during my health history update, I was asked, “Is there any chance you could be pregnant?”

I teared up instantly with my reply, “Um, no.”

[Also, wondering what that has to do with my eyes.]

She replied, “I know that’s kind of a strange question here.”

I just told her that I’d recently had my ovaries removed.

She responded with so much compassion. She knew someone that had been through a heartbreak with IVF. We spoke about that a little bit and I shared how adoption isn’t all that easy either. People seem to just throw out adoption as the catch-all easy solution for everyone, but it’s not easy and it’s not for everyone.

I was really touched by her compassionate response.

And my poor little heart hurts.



7 responses to ““Is there any chance you could be pregnant?” Um, no.

  1. I hate this question too, it always makes me want to do a theatrical hollow, bitter laugh or snap “Not a f*****g chance”. This women sounds nice though – some doctors can be so cold when they ask this. I rarely see the same doctor twice at my GP surgery and they sometimes ask me “have you got children?” – there’s one of them that grimaced visibly and shook her head sympathetically when I said “No” – really angered me.

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  2. I actually don’t mind being asked that question at doctors offices. If I’m in my follicular phase, I just say “no.” And if I’m in my luteal phase, I just say, “possibly? I’m x number of days past ovulation. It would be too early to test.” That’s what I said when I had my MRI earlier this week when I was 8 days past ovulation. The nurse said, “At least you know that. Most women don’t.” That kind of triggered me because it makes the assumption that most women get pregnant easily.

    I get mildly upset/triggered when I see people who are visibly pregnant and people with newborn strollers. Those sites really tear me up inside; however, I know our time is coming soon.


  3. i got to know u through my blog (which has very short life), but i still remember u and somehow there is this nagging thought that keeps coming back to me to send u this link http://www.newlifeministries.org.au/ regardless of what… so i finally decided to reactivate my account today to send it. nothing is too late. Luke 1:37 New King James Version (NKJV)
    37 For with God nothing will be impossible.”
    fyi, the link leads to a ministry of God that has helped many many many women to turn their impossibilities to realities. Godblessya. i may not log in again and may miss ur reply if any. God loves u.


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