No, I’m not expecting. Thanks for asking…

I had a good day today, but difficult. We went to a friend’s child’s birthday party. At the party, I found out another friend is pregnant, with her third child.

I heard an off-hand comment a few weeks ago that made me suspect they were pregnant, but I wasn’t sure. Then today, I could see she’s obviously pregnant, but I was never actually told. It’s okay. I’m guessing she thought I already knew.

What was worse was being asked by a friend of a friend at this party if I was expecting.

No, I’m not. Thanks for asking…


Image: I’m not sure where this came from, but I love it. If someone knows the source or credit, please let me know.

Text Copyright Snowdroplets 2016


13 responses to “No, I’m not expecting. Thanks for asking…

    • Thank you! It was rough. The woman who asked me if I’m expecting was holding her most adorable 5-month old daughter. I felt so envious and deflated. But, I’m okay. I know it’s grief, normal feelings for this situation, and that we’ll find our own unique journey to create our family one day! Hugs to you too!

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  1. The insensitivity and lack of common sense in people drives me up the wall sometimes! Your story reminded me of the people who would walk up to my friend who was then battling ovarian cancer (successfully), and they would proceed to tell her all about their kin who *died* from it. **Sigh!**

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