Back to School – Just Another Tough Time for Infertility

The last couple weeks have been extra tough for me emotionally. I’ve had to avoid Facebook. I just can’t stand seeing the cute children of my friends and family as they head off for their first days of school. They’re so cute with their little outfits, backpacks, and little signs saying which grade they’re going into.

I love these children and am so happy for my friends, but it’s hard for me to see right now. Being involuntarily childless and having my ovaries recently removed, the photos just illustrate what I’m hoping for and missing, experiences I’m afraid we won’t get to have. Just have to keep the faith that we’ll eventually find a way.

I really look forward to these days in the future, back-to-school shopping with my kids, picking out their supplies, sending our kiddos off to school. I hope and pray it’s soon.



6 responses to “Back to School – Just Another Tough Time for Infertility

  1. I totally agree! The pics that really choke me up are the “first day of ____ grade” pics with the cute chalkboard facts. I love to see other families celebrating their kiddos but it does make me notice how empty my nest is. Maybe I can start doing those types of pictures with my dog? haha


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