More Healing, More Learning, More Changing – Veggies!

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since my surgery. I’ve been making more progress in healing, and I continue to learn so much through this process.

This whole experience of the past year is truly changing me. Some of the changes have happened to me – unexpected, beyond my control changes. Some changes I want to make for myself – intentional, desired changes. I think a time like this is a good time to make those changes.

I want to seriously rededicate myself to eating more healthy, getting more exercise, and getting to a healthy weight. I am not *that* overweight, but I am overweight. Since January, I’ve been working on this goal more diligently. I have lost about 10 lbs since then. I am thrilled about that, but need to lose another 20 to stay in the healthy range. Maybe I could do that in the next 6 months. I think that’s my goal now. I want to lose 20 pounds by my birthday in April!

I know that more exercise and healthy eating will help my physical and mental health. I’ve been feeling so much stress and so much pain leading up to this that it’s been really hard for me. I think it will still be very difficult. Exercising with fibro is a huge challenge.

I also want to do this by eating more healthy, especially by eating more vegetables! This week I found some wonderful recipes. Gotta love Pinterest!!  I am especially looking for recipes without meat, wheat or soy. There are some good ones out there.

I made this one – Chickpea and Tomato Salad with Fresh Basil 

And then a salad inspired by this one – Healthy Greek Couscous Salad 

Instead of couscous and some of the other ingredients, I substituted a box of quinoa mix – the Near East brand quinoa in the roasted red pepper and basil flavor.



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