Oh my goodness, migraines…

I had a migraine last week that cost most of a day. This week, I had one most of Wednesday, one last night, and a terrible rager of a migraine tonight. Must be from the hormone changes. I wish I knew what to expect, how long this will last. I think the hormones will level out and then migraines will improve. I’m in so much pain and just miserable. Time to turn off the lights.


3 responses to “Oh my goodness, migraines…

  1. So sorry, I have had migraines my whole life. Just in case you haven’t learned all the things you can do about it, I thought I’d share a few tricks that might help. Water is one of the most important things, hydration can stop a headache, and without it, the meds are usless. If you are like a lot of ppl, you get light and sound sensitive before the pain hits, take meds if you can, drink water. For me, I always have a cold cloth on forehead, water bottle, meds, quiet and dark. Its better to try to stop it before if you can, than wait till your head is exploding. Also, caffeine can really help , drinking a pop with caffeine and sugar, can help the meds work, it makes a big difference sometimes. I don’t know if any of this is of any
    help, but I hope you feel better, hugs

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