Progress in Healing

It’s 20 days now post-surgery. That seems like a long time, but it’s also not quite 3 weeks and not such a long time when I think about how much work was done in there and the added fatigue a person with fibromyalgia might have after something like this.

Patience has never been my strong suit. I think lack of patience is probably one of my worst personality traits. I wish I had more patience. I wish I had it now!!

It’s hard to spend so much time resting and healing. It’s hard to be patient enough to stay positive and calm, to keep from overdoing it. For such an impatient person, I think I’ve done well though to rest so much. I need to continue this rest and patience and in some ways it’s even more difficult now that I’m starting to feel a little better.

I left the house yesterday and went to Target less than 10 miles from home. It was the farthest I’ve been since surgery. I felt dizzy while I was there – I don’t know why. I also had to sit down near the end of the trip. We didn’t even walk very far in the store – just to the toiletries area right next to the check-out! Argh – and now I’m wiped out today and bleeding again. I bled onto my sheets last night. I didn’t even get out of bed until 12:30 today and then have been mostly sitting since then.

I’m feeling very fatigued. Don’t know how much of that is from the surgery and how much might also be from fibro. Either way, I’m more than tired.

The pain is much improved and I’m feeling pretty good pain-wise. I had a migraine a couple days ago and I think it was from the hormonal fluctuations I must be having as I adjust to life without ovaries and on hormone replacement. I hope there won’t be more of those headaches. It was awful! I woke up with the migraine and it lasted until around 3:30 in the afternoon. Couldn’t do anything all day.

My incisions look fantastic. The one in my belly button had formed a keloid after my 2012 surgery. Now it looks super good. The surgeon must have taken extra care to make it perfect. I’m so glad! I’ll be using kelocote silicone gel to keep my scars small and flat since I tend to get keloids. The bruising is almost gone. Swelling is still there, but improving. Still can’t wear things with a waistband, but that’s what summer dresses are for!

One thing I’ve learned – tricks to remove adhesive from the estrogen patch:

I’m on an estrogen patch called the Vivelle dot. It’s a cool little, nearly transparent patch that gets applied twice a week to my abdomen/hip area. You have to switch sides of the body each time and the darn thing leaves rectangles of black funk wherever you’ve removed it! I felt so ugly with my swollen belly, bruises, incisions, and black rectangles!! Hideous. So I researched how to remove that stuff… It’s a common problem.

Some people recommended acetone nail polish remover. I tried that. One problem, it removes your nail polish. Unacceptable. Also, it didn’t work that well and irritated my skin.

Others recommended baby oil or olive oil. I don’t use baby oil, but I do use a shea oil on my skin that’s lovely. I put some of that on a cotton ball and it took the black adhesive off with some rubbing. It did not irritate the skin at all. In fact, it feels great. And now all ugly black rectangles are gone!

I read a recommendation to use a tegaderm bandage over the top of the patch to keep the black square from forming in the first place. I ordered some of those online. They also recommended a product called detachol. It’s an adhesive remover made with mineral spirits. I’m going to try that, but if the shea oil works I’d rather use it instead.


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3 responses to “Progress in Healing

  1. Hi Snowdroplets sorry to hear you’re feeling so washed out. The migraines sound like a nightmare – hormone-induced ones are killers. I too am overly impatient with resting up – here’s hoping the day’ll come soon when these activities won’t leave you so wiped out


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