More recovery and relief

Here I am wrapping up Day 7 of recovery post endo excision/BSO (bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy a.k.a. ovaries and tubes).

It’s been a tougher recovery than I’d expected. I did not realize that light to moderate bleeding was common after this surgery and could last for weeks. I’ve been bleeding for a week and I’m really tired of it. I had thought one of the pros to this surgery was finally being done with my periods and now I’m basically having one of the worst ever (except that so far I have not had a full-on migraine… knock on wood).

I’ve been feeling a lot of pain. It’s hard to describe. My endo was all over everything again so the surgeon had to cut my pelvic organs free again, and then of course there are now some parts missing. Those areas down inside are quite painful still, even with my pain meds. I’ve been disappointed in how painful it is, but I understand that it was a significant surgery and involved a lot of work in there that now needs to heal.

I tried a terrible experiment last night. I’ve been really tired and not sleeping well from the combination of pain and waking up every four hours to take a pill with a snack and then brush my teeth. I’m still fighting off the thrush so the toothbrushing is crucial. I thought that perhaps I could go 5 hours instead of 4 hours, from 1:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m., for a nicer block of sleep.

Well, I woke up feeling like I was bleeding through onto my sheets (I actually wasn’t, it just felt that way) so I jumped up and then felt strong pains inside. I got myself to the bathroom and got my pill off the counter, spill a glass of water and barely wipe it up I’m just in so much pain. My poor husband was just trying to kiss me goodbye and get to work and then I start crying. Tears were just pouring down my face. Then the pill eventually kicked in, I fell back asleep. Later in the day I was able to get really on top of the pain again. I just shouldn’t have gotten so ambitious about the 5 hours thing…. Failed experiment. Now my alarm is set for every 4 hours tonight!!

My skin has stopped itching so much. The gas pains are gone. The thrush is improved. Even the nausea is getting much better. The bruising is fading. Good progress!

I got some good news today. My ovaries and tubes that were removed last week were sent for pathology analysis. The report became available to me today and I read the whole thing. For me, this was great news – the cysts were endometriomas from my endometriosis just like we expected. No signs of cancer were found. I cried a little bit here too, from relief. One of the doctors I saw for one of my many ultrasounds had been more concerned about the looks of my ovaries and said he wasn’t convinced of endometriomas. It ended up making me nervous. Diagnosis of these huge, cystic ovaries was a major goal of my surgery. Ovarian cancer was one of the more remote possibilities and was definitely the most frightening potential outcome. I felt so relieved to get the pathology report basically confirming the endo diagnosis.

It’s been a hard time, but lots to be thankful for. That’s what I’m trying to focus on – resting, healing, and feeling grateful.



5 responses to “More recovery and relief

  1. Glad to hear your recovery is moving along. You definitely need to be patient after excision; I remember my insides feeling all cut up for weeks afterwards. Just be sure to stay on top of the pain with the pain pills and you should be fine. Love you darling! *gentle endo sister hugs*💛

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