I was feeling sorry for myself…

I was feeling sorry for myself this past weekend. I had surgery last Tuesday and then had a very hard week of recovery. I kept feeling worse and Sunday night I felt terrible both physically and emotionally. I was basically stuck at home in bed or on the couch and I was really feeling sorry for myself that my friends hadn’t really come to visit or hadn’t contacted me as much as I’d hoped. I was feeling sad and wondered if people really cared about me like I had thought they did. I thought well, maybe they don’t realize how bad I feel or how much support I need right now. And then I thought, well maybe they don’t know what to say or… maybe they just don’t care how I feel. I was kind of wallowing in it a bit there.

And then, people came through in wonderful, loving, affirming ways the next two days after that! I think most of my friends were feeling that I wasn’t ready for visitors yet (that was probably right, if I’m honest) and so they just waited until they heard I was ready. I’ve had multiple visitors Monday and today with people dropping of food and lending a hand with dog walking. I felt so blessed and cared for!

It’s been wonderful and I just shake my head when I think about how pathetic I was feeling Sunday night.

I’ll post more recovery updates later this week – It’s been rough, but I’m doing okay, especially with a little extra TLC and support.




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