I made it… Just barely!!

My husband and I just finished moving from one rental to another due to our landlord’s sale of the cute little place we were living in. We didn’t move far, but it was still a huge challenge. These are the kind of times that my fibro really affects me. I can’t work the way I’d like to, the way many people think is normal and expected, and I have a lot of pain at times like this. The experience was a huge challenge for me mentally and emotionally. I’ve just crawled out of a deep depression and being tired, coping with another loss and disappointment, was all very hard.

Saying it was very hard really doesn’t convey my true experience. It really took everything I had. I worked until the pain was too bad for me to stand up. I fought panic when our new place didn’t look like it would be ready in time. I cried our first night when the new place was cold and drafty. I laid on floor many times just to rest.

There are several pieces of good news here. Number one – We’re moved in! We did it. Also, my husband and I tackled it as a team. We didn’t fight (much) and we really did the work together so well. He was so understanding and kind when I was hurting. We had some help from my parents and some friends. That was a life saver. I was also happy with my ability to accept this as reality. It might not have been my first choice, but we made the best decisions we could with what we knew at the time. Now we’re going to make the best of it.

I also thought about so many blog posts I’d like to write. I’d really like to explore ideas about asking for and accepting help. I’m also thinking about how to deal when I don’t get the help I need.

Now that the move is done, I really want to get back to writing again and digging back into this project.

Should have plenty to write about soon. I’m about to go visit my cousin’s new baby. It will be wonderful, but I know it will trigger a lot of sadness for me too.

We’ll talk soon. X



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