I have had so many intentions to make meaningful blog posts. I have so many thoughts feelings still to work through, things to share, things to get ideas on… But I have been completely swamped with work, stress, and the process of moving.

My husband and I rent a cute little house that I have just loved. We just recently were notified that the owners are selling. With the holidays and winter right around the corner, we decided to find a new place asap and get ready to move. I’m so sad to have to leave here. It feels like yet another loss when I’m already struggling, and I guess it is.

We found a new place. It’s smaller and nowhere near as nice as this. Feels like a step backward in life.I try to remind myself that this new place is cheaper and will help us reach our financial goals better. Number one goal is save for surrogacy or adoption.

With my stressful job, fibromyalgia, and depression, this move is just awful for me right now. I guess we’ll pull it off, but I’m not sure how! I try to do a little at a time, but there’s so much work ahead. The stress and physical work cause me a lot of pain these days. I’m also really tired. I could really use a rest.

No pretty pictures or deep thoughts today, but at least I’m here. Thank you for continuing to share in this journey with me, sharing your stories and insights. It has truly been wonderful to connect with people who understands the struggles of infertility, chronic pain and illness so well.

One day at a time…



2 responses to “Moving

  1. Hang in there, snowdroplets. Get yourself through the house move as quickly as you can – accept as many offers of help with the move as you can – then you can get back to channelling your energy into taking care of you x

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