Why am I blogging?

This blog is to help me in my journey through grief, infertility, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, PTSD, migraines and depression and, hopefully, to help others in similar struggles. 

I am struggling right now. I need to process my thoughts and emotions, and I need to find ways to seek out support. I thought a blog might help me with this. It’s too overwhelming for me to write out my situation all at once and describe it in one post so I’ll break that up into smaller, more manageable portions for myself. The short version is that I’m profoundly devastated by a recent “decision” not to have a baby. I know I will be okay and that life is going to work out, but right now feels excruciating.

It’s been difficult for me to find support and resources online for my circumstances. Infertility is, unfortunately, very common and there are many helpful and valuable supportive resources online. However, most of what I’ve found is for infertile people trying to conceive. It’s been much more difficult for me to find resources for my situation – desperately wanting children but not able to try due to health conditions.  Likewise, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and depression are also common. There are many great resources on those topics. However, when it comes to my combination of these conditions, their severity, and wanting to start a family, information and support has been tougher to find.

I’m hoping to help others. In processing my grief, I’ve been trying to identify potential positive outcomes. One of those could be helping others in similar situations. I figured since it was hard for me to find this information and support, maybe it will be hard for others and at least I can provide one more voice saying, “I understand. You are not alone.”

If this blog, by some miracle, does reach others out there on the interwebs and you feel like commenting, asking questions, or otherwise connecting with me, please do!


Image: Tete de Seraphin by Andrea Della Robbia

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2 responses to “Why am I blogging?

  1. I’m so sorry you’re struggling with so much… It must be so hard. As you probably know, I’m also hurting now, going through another miscarriage and every time people tell me to be hopeful and just try again, but I wonder if I’ll end up loosing myself in this pursuit and I hope I know when to stop before that happens. I’m just saying this because I disagree with so many people that think we should just keep trying and trying and that stopping is giving up. I’m sorry, my thoughts are blurred with grief and I don’t know if I’m getting my point across, just wanted to say I think a lot about living childless and understand the pain of letting go of this dream. One blog I really like on this subject is infertilityhonesty.com. You may want to check it out, in case you haven’t yet. And I hope to get to know more of your story and support you on your struggles. Sorry for the long comment.


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